Updated: January 22, 2024

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Hutchinson Bottle Collectors' Association

The Hutchinson Bottle Collectors' Association (HBCA) was founded September 30, 2006.  Here is the organization's mission statement:


Hutchinson Bottle Collectors’ Association members support and promote historical research by collecting, preserving, studying, documenting, displaying, communicating, and sharing information about the antique bottles that utilized Charles G. Hutchinson's Patent Spring Stopper.


  • HBCA membership registration is open to all individuals and organizations supporting the organization's mission.

  • There are no membership fees or dues.

  • HBCA Collector Specialists listings are free for registered members.

  • Antique bottle book sales listings at are free for member authors.

  • HBCA members are eligible for election to the Hutchinson Hall of Fame.

  • HBCA members are eligible for election to the Hutchinson Honor Roll.


The accompanying HBCA Collector Specialists list is designed to provide users with a convenient way to find and contact knowledgeable individual collector specialists concerning specific Hutchinson bottles.  The listings are sorted alphabetically by the members' collecting specialty/specialties, and include the collector specialists' names and EMail contact information (strictly at the discretion of individual members who must grant approval in order to have their EMail address listed).

It is the responsibility of each collector specialist to ensure the accuracy and currency of their listed information.  Notify us via EMail to if (1) you are listed and do not think you should be, (2) you are not listed and think you should be, or (3) any other corrections are needed.  Here is a link to the HBCA Collector Specialists list:

HBCA Collector Specialists


To apply for membership, send the following information to via EMail:

Name ___________________________________________________________________
Street Address ___________________________________________________________
City _______________________  State/Province ______ ZIP/Postal Code ___________
Telephone # ______________________________________________________________
EMail Address ____________________________________________________________
Hutchinson Specialty/Specialties _____________________________________________
Include EMail address on the HBCA Collector Specialists list (Yes or No)? ___________


The Hutchinson Bottle Collectors’ Association’s prestigious “Hall of Fame Award” recognizes individuals whose lasting contributions have encouraged the growth of collecting Hutchinson bottles.  These hobby pioneers are known internationally for their extensive collections, advanced researching skills, encouraging and educating others, and authoring books, magazine, newsletter, and Internet articles.  The enduring contributions of HBCA Hall of Fame Award recipients embody the very spirit of the HBCA’s mission.

The charter recipients of the Hutchinson Bottle Collectors’ Association’s Hall of Fame Award are:

  • Johnnie Fletcher (deceased) – Mustang, OK: author of the Oklahoma, Kansas, and Arkansas bottle books; long-time bottle club newsletter editor
  • Bob Harms (deceased) – Glenwood, IL: noted collector of Illinois Hutchinsons; restoration, public display, and demonstration of fully operational Hutchinson bottling equipment
  • Ralph Long (deceased) – Birmingham, AL: noted collector of Alabama sodas and over 600 picture Hutchinsons
  • Peck Markota (deceased) – Sacramento, CA: author of the California Hutchinson book
  • Joe Nagy (deceased) – Oklahoma City, OK: visionary founder of the Hutchinson Encyclopedia project that evolved to become the HutchBook initiative
  • Dennis SmithBuffalo, NY: author of numerous bottle books and articles; skilled researcher
  • Tod von MechowPhoenixville, PA: developed and maintains
  • Zang Wood Farmington, NM: author of Color Hutchinsons and New Mexico bottle books, and numerous magazine and newsletter articles; tireless promoter of Hutchinson collecting

Each inductee received a framed HBCA Hall of Fame Award certificate.


The Hutchinson Bottle Collectors’ Association’s prestigious “Honor Roll Award” recognizes individuals whose contributions are encouraging the growth of collecting Hutchinson bottles.  Many of these avid collectors are contributing to the hobby’s growing body of knowledge via research and authoring books, magazine, newsletter, and Internet articles.  HBCA Honor Roll Award recipients routinely magnify their enjoyment of Hutchinson collecting by investing considerable time and energy into sharing their expertise with others. 

This extensive listing recognizes individuals who are long overdue for public acknowledgement of their major contributions.  The initial HBCA Honor Roll Award recipients are:

  • Bill Baab Augusta, GA: author of Augusta bottle book
  • Laton Bare Belleview, FL: avid collector of Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolina, and state capital Hutchinsons
  • Warren Borton – Midvale, UT: author of the Wyoming bottle book
  • R. J. Brown (deceased) – Tampa, FL: avid collector of color Hutchinsons
  • Mike BurggraafFairfield, IA: co-author of the Iowa bottle book
  • Arlin CargillEldorado Springs, MO: avid collector of Missouri soda bottles
  • David Cole (deceased) – Bangs, TX: avid collector of Texas soda bottles
  • Don Dzuro Akron, OH: long-time project coordinator for the Ohio bottle books
  • Austin FjerestadHopkins, MN:  author of the newly published Minnesota bottle book
  • Sam Fuller Jr.Stockton Springs, ME: author of the Maine bottle book
  • R. W. Fults Bronson, TX: maintains an extensive web site concerning East Texas and Western Louisiana Hutchinsons
  • Stephen GouldHonolulu, HI: co-author of the Hawaii bottle book
  • David GraciSouth Hadley, MA: author of the soda and beer bottle closures book
  • Joe Hagedorn Minneapolis, MN:  avid collector of Minnesota and other Hutchinsons
  • Charles David HeadAtlanta, GA: skilled researcher and author of numerous articles concerning the history of the Koca Nola Company
  • David Kyte – Midvale, UT: author of the Utah bottle book
  • Steven LibbeyDelafield, WI: maintains concerning Wisconsin bottles
  • Bill LindseyChiloquin, OR: maintains the Historic Bottle website
  • Tom LinesBirmingham, AL: author of the Alabama Hutchinson book
  • Bill LockhartAlamagordo, NM: skilled researcher of glass manufacturers
  • Michael R. MillerPeoria, AZ: author of the Arizona bottle book
  • Tommy Mitchiner (deceased) – Gordon, GA: avid collector of Georgia Hutchinsons
  • Ted Oppelt (deceased) – Greeley, CO: author of a Colorado Hutchinson book
  • Roger M. PetersMadison, WI: author of the Wisconsin bottle book
  • Glen PrebleLakewood, CO: author of a Colorado Hutchinson bottle book
  • Tom Southard Des Moines, IA: co-author of the Iowa bottle book
  • David WhittenLouisville, KY: developed and maintains the Glass Manufacturers’ Marks on Bottles web site

Each inductee received an HBCA Honor Roll Award certificate.

HBCA HONOR ROLL - 2016 Recipients - Updated November 24, 2016

Thanksgiving Day affords a perfect opportunity to announce the 2016 recipients of the Hutchinson Bottle Collectors' Association's Honor Roll Award.  This prestigious award recognizes those individuals whose significant contributions encourage the growth of collecting Hutchinson bottles.  All of this year's recipients have demonstrated strong support for the Hutchinson Bottle Directory initiative and  Several of them have also contributed to our hobby’s steadily growing body of knowledge via their research by authoring and publishing books, plus magazine, newsletter, and Internet articles.  Without exception, each of the recipients routinely magnifies their own enjoyment of Hutchinson collecting by investing considerable time and energy into sharing their expertise with others.  They have all earned their Honor Roll Award recognition many times over and their support for our hobby is greatly appreciated.  Congratulations and THANK YOU to the 2016 HBCA Honor Roll Award recipients:

  • Ken Badgley Brooksville, FL: author of the Collector's Guide to Tampa Embossed Soda Bottles 1880 to 1939; avid collector of West Central Florida Hutchinsons
  • Brandon DeWolfe The Woodlands, TX: avid collector of New Hampshire and Galveston,Texas Hutchinsons
  • Jim Eifler – Woodland Park, NJ: avid collector of Paterson, New Jersey Hutchinsons
  • David Gilson Gibsonia, PA: avid collector of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and fifty state Hutchinsons
  • Sam GreenbergerSonora, CA: avid collector of Hutchinsons
  • Leon HamptonWarren, MI: avid collector of Michigan Hutchinsons
  • Chris Jordan – La Porte, IN: avid collector of Indiana and Chicagoland Hutchinsons
  • Jay Kasper – Shiner, TX: avid collector of Texas Hutchinsons
  • Pete MehalcoJohnstown, PA: avid collector of Pennsylvania, picture, and fifty state Hutchinsons
  • Philip PfeifferPensacola, FL: author of Pensacola's Soda Water Legacy 1837 - 1938; avid collector of Pensacola, Florida Hutchinsons

Each 2016 inductee will be receiving an HBCA Honor Roll Award certificate.

Hutchinson Bottle Sales Guides

Hutchinson bottle sales listings placed in hobby publications and at on-line auction sites often do not include the essential descriptive information desired by potential buyers.  The Hutchinson Bottle Sales Guide is designed to help sellers improve their listings and consequently enhance their overall sales.  Click the following link to review the guide:

The accompanying Caveat Emptor ("Let the buyer beware!") information is provided to help protect against being defrauded by con artists who plague our hobby by peddling fraudulent items.  This guidance extends beyond the collecting of Hutchinson bottles to include stoneware, siphons, Early American Pattern Glass, and other collectibles.  Click the following link and heed this information to help ensure the items you are acquiring are genuine and original!

Bottle Books For Sale

We are aware of bottle books containing varying amounts of Hutchinson bottle information for the states of Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida (Key West), Florida (Pensacola), Florida (Tampa and Ybor City), Florida (West Palm Beach to Miami), Georgia (Augusta), Hawaii, Illinois (Central), Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Maryland (Baltimore), Michigan (Copper Country), Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, New York (Long Island), North Carolina, North Dakota/Dakota Territory, Ohio, Ohio (Dayton), Oklahoma, Oregon, Utah, Washington/Washington Territory, Wisconsin, and Wyoming, plus British Columbia, Nova Scotia, and Ontario (Toronto) in Canada.  Several of these volumes are long out-of-print, but many are still available, although somewhat challenging to find.  Including listings for available bottle books at will hopefully provide those desiring additional information a convenient means for obtaining these often hard-to-find publications.

Since initiating the Hutchinson Bottle Directory project, we have continually sought written permission from other authors in order to utilize basic Hutchinson bottle data from their books in exchange for free advertising at and now here at  "Basic Hutchinson bottle data” means dimensions, glass color, plate mould shape, and embossing details, not illustrations (HutchBook Bottle Directory bottle images will be originals).  Having published fifteen books, we understand the effort required to research, prepare, and publish bottle books, and have no intention of inhibiting the sale of other authors' books.  The following listings will hopefully improve the availability of the bottle books each of us has authored.

Note to authors: If your book is listed, it is your responsibility to notify us if changes or corrections are needed.  If you have authored a Hutchinson-related book that is in-print and not listed, EMail us about adding a free listing for your volume to this page.