HBCA Collector Specialists

Updated: July 9, 2024

The HBCA Collector Specialists list is provided as a courtesy by the Hutchinson Bottle Collectors' Association.  The list is designed to provide all users with a convenient way to find and contact knowledgeable individual collector specialists concerning specific Hutchinson bottles.  The listings are sorted alphabetically by the members' collecting specialty/specialties, and include the collector specialists' names and EMail contact information (strictly at the discretion of individual members who must grant approval in order to have their EMail address listed).

It is the responsibility of each collector specialist to ensure the accuracy and currency of their listed information.  Notify us via EMail to if (1) you are listed and do not think you should be, (2) you are not listed and think you should be, or (3) any other corrections are needed.

SPECIALTY                          COLLECTOR                  CONTACT INFORMATION

Alabama                               LeTard, Ed              

Alabama                               Lines, Tom

Alabama                               Marchant, Clayton  

Alabama                               Schrock, Weston    

Alabama                               Smith, Dennis

Alaska                                  Wood, Zang            

Arizona                                 Miller, Michael

Arizona                                 VanDeman, Brent  

Arizona Territory                   Miller, Michael

Arizona Territory                   VanDeman, Brent  

Arkansas                              Armer, Brian          

Arkansas                              Buie, Rufus

Arkansas                              Burrows, Bill

Arkansas                              Childers, Larry

Arkansas                              Lawrence, Drew

Arkansas                              Marvel, Dean

Arkansas                              Steed, Rick

Arkansas                              Tardy, Ed

Arkansas (South)                   Loschen, Wayne

California                               Compton, John

California                               Curtiss, Christie Ann

California (S.F. pre-1906)        Waite, Jim

California (Siskiyou County)    Skeahan, Marc John

Canada                                 Culhane, Phil

Canada                                 Ferguson, Keith

Canada (British Columbia)      Bourdon, Eric

Canada (Nova Scotia)            Wright, Barry

Canada (Ontario)                   Murphy, Sean       

Canada (Quebec)                  Dufresne, John     

Color                                    Moore, Gary L.       

Colorado                               Johnson, Jeff

Colorado (Mining Towns)      Levine, Brian

Connecticut                          Becue, Matthew     

Connecticut                          Ferguson, Keith

Connecticut                          Salame, Kamil       

Cuba                                    Wilson, Gregg        

Dakota Territory                    Askjem, Tom

Dakota Territory                    Barr, Bob

Dakota Territory                    Johnke, Kim

Dakota Territory                    VerHeul, John

Delaware                              Ferguson, Dean

Delaware                              Patterson, John D.

District of Columbia               Lilienthal, Richard                       

District of Columbia               Townsend, Anthony

Fifty States                          Foster, Robert        

Fifty States                          Laine, Bert

Fifty States                          Marvel, Dean

Fifty States                          Moore, Gary L.        

Fifty States                          Pickel, Jerry

Fifty States                          Trufant, Alta

Flavored                              Nader, Dave & Kathy

Florida (West Central)          Badgley, Ken         

Florida                                 Bare, Laton

Florida                                 Collins, David

Florida                                 Gaskins, Ronnie

Florida                                 Hoder, Chris

Florida                                 Lennon, Robin        

Florida                                 Oakes, Michael      

Florida                                 Schrock, Weston    

Florida                                 Stock, Corey          

Florida (Key West)                Tardy, Ed

Florida (Key West)                Smith, Larry

Florida (Miami)                      Smith, Larry

Florida (Pensacola)               Pfeiffer, Philip       

Florida (West Palm Beach)    Smith, Larry

Foreign                                Wood, Zang            

Georgia                                Baab, Bill

Georgia                                Bare, Laton

Georgia                                Evans, Sam

Georgia                                Gaskins, Ronnie

Hawaii                                  Schmidt, David F.    

Idaho                                    Sinsley, Jim

Idaho (Coeur d'Alene Mining)  Harman, Tom

Idaho Territory                       Sinsley, Jim

Illinois                                   Hill, Jason

Illinois                                   Panek, John

Illinois                                   Punke, Dylan          

Illinois                                   Roman, Ed

Illinois (Chicagoland)              Jordan, Chris

Illinois (non-Chicago)             Smith, Brandon

Illinois (Peoria)                      Schutz, Leonard

Illinois (Chicago)                   Sturdevant, James 

Indian Territory                      Langford, Jerry       

Indiana                                 Connell, Bill

Indiana                                 Jordan, Chris

Indiana (Evansville)             Stephens, Waylon   

Iowa                                     Burggraaf, Mike

Iowa (Centerville & S. Iowa)   Jackson, Brent       

Iowa (Burlington)                   Sink, Scott             

Iowa                                     Southard, Tom

Kansas                                 Hovious, Jim

Kentucky                              Baugh, Sheldon

Kentucky (West)                   Bennett, Kyler        

Kentucky                              Gaylord, Robert      

Kentucky                              Gilpin, Aaron          

Kentucky                              Hubbard, Jimmy

Kentucky                              Leftwich, Chris       

Kentucky                              Wagers, Brandon   

Kentucky                              Whitten, David

Louisiana                              Goodreau, Ron

Louisiana                              Loschen, Wayne

Louisiana                              Muscarello, Patrick

Louisiana (Western)             Fults, Robert Wayne

Maine                                   Fuller, Sam

Maine                                   Huff Sr., Roger      

Maine                                   Mooers, Rob

Maryland                              Snider, Justin         

Massachusetts                     Graci, David

Mexico                                 Ferguson, Keith

Mexico                                 Wilson, Gregg        

Mexico                                 Wood, Zang           

Michigan                              Bertalan, Paul

Michigan                              Cuyler, Brad

Michigan                              Cuyler, Ed

Michigan                              DeBoode, Steve

Michigan                              Hampton, Leon       

Michigan                               Ross, Mark            

Michigan (Berrien Co.)           Scharnowske, Jeff

Michigan (Shiawassee Co.)   Scharnowske, Jeff

Michigan (Upper)                  Johnson, Tom

Michigan (Upper Peninsula)    Ross, Mark            

Michigan (Western)              Smith, Carl J. & Amber

Minnesota                            Fjerestad, Austin

Minnesota (especially St. Paul) Grosse, Nathan 

Minnesota                            Hagedorn, Joe

Minnesota                            Ketcham, Steve

Minnesota (Southeastern)    Adamson, Spencer  

Mississippi                           Beith, Clifton

Mississippi                           Langston, Caleb     

Mississippi                           McClure, Justin      

Missouri                               Cargill, Arlin

Missouri                               Faulkenberry, Curt

Missouri                               Nader, Dave & Kathy

Missouri (Kansas City)          Willoughby, Scott

Montana                               Bliss, Aaron

Montana                               Lutsko, Marc

Montana Territory                  Lutsko, Marc

Nebraska                              Felzien, Russ

Nebraska                              Mander, Wayne

Nevada                                 Holabird, Fred

New Hampshire                     DeWolfe, Brandon

New Jersey                           Conk, Chris

New Jersey (Essex Co.)         Rush, Connor

New Jersey (Paterson)           Leavy, Tom

New Jersey (South)               Awdiok, Joe

New Mexico                          Lockhart, Bill

New Mexico                          Loomis, Lynn

New Mexico                         Wood, Zang         

New York                             Garnov, Konstantin

New York                             Guest, Gary

New York                             Huff, Roger

New York                             Smith, Mark

New York (Binghamton)        Potter, Shayne    

New York (Central)               Willoughby, Scott

New York (Dutchess Co.)      Church, Art

New York (Finger Lakes)       Landcastle, Joel

New York (Long Island)         Fisher, George Wm.

New York (Port Jervis)           Laden, Robert

New York (Sullivan Co.)         Mackey, Michael  

New York (Western)              Landcastle, Joel

North Carolina                       Baab, Bill

North Carolina                       Bare, Laton

North Carolina                       Bishop, Frank       

North Carolina                       Bright, Lad

North Carolina                       Townsend, Anthony

North Dakota                         Askjem, Tom

North Dakota                         Barr, Bob

Northeast                              Ferguson, Keith

Ohio                                     Dzuro, Don

Ohio                                     May, Floyd E.

Ohio (Columbus)                   Sharkey, Michael

Ohio (Dayton)                        Greene, Steven

Ohio (Perry County)             Guisinger, Josh      

Oregon                                 Ferguson, Keith

Oregon                                 Fowler, Ron           

Oregon                                 Lindsey, Bill

Oregon (Eastern)                   Dennis, Jim

Oregon (Eastern)                   Ziegenhagen, Garth

Pacific Northwest                   Ferguson, Keith

Pennsylvania                         Hawkins, Jay

Pennsylvania                         Mehalco, Peter    

Pennsylvania                         Miller Jr., Leo

Pennsylvania                         Pickel, Jerry

Pennsylvania                         Tesauro, Charlie

Pennsylvania (Armstrong Co.)  Oleksak, Bill      

Pennsylvania (Bellefonte+)      Pollok, Tom

Pennsylvania (Berwick)           Vezendy, Bill

Pennsylvania (Bloomsburg)     Vezendy, Bill

Pennsylvania (Coal Region)     Getz, Tom          

Pennsylvania (Color)               Ellsworth, Darrell

Pennsylvania (Delaware Co.)   Fellman, Ron      

Pennsylvania (Eastern)           Grotz, Larry

Pennsylvania (Erie)                 Alred, Brent

Pennsylvania (Freeland)          Getz, Tom          

Pennsylvania (Harrisburg)        Theurer, Barry

Pennsylvania (Hazleton)          Getz, Tom          

Pennsylvania (Johnstown)       Ellsworth, Darrell

Pennsylvania (Monroe Co.)      Houser, Tim

Pennsylvania (Noxen)             Kern, Rick

Pennsylvania (Philadelphia)     von Mechow, Tod

Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh)        Gilson, David         

Pennsylvania (Reading)           Wilfong, Elliott

Pennsylvania (Sheppton)         Getz, Tom          

Pennsylvania (Shickshinny)     Vezendy, Bill

Pennsylvania (Western)          Regrut, Andy

Pennsylvania (Western)          Yoas, Luke

Pennsylvania (York Co.)         Bosley, Jeff             

Pictures                                Gray, Stephen

Pictures                                Marvel, Dean

Pictures                                Mehalco, Peter

Pictures                                Wood, Dean A.

Quarts                                  Tardy, Ed

Rhode Island                         Curenton, David      

Root Beer                              Nader, Dave & Kathy

South Carolina                       Baab, Bill

South Carolina                       Bare, Laton

South Carolina                       Brock, Joe              

South Carolina                       Streett, Robin

South Dakota                        Johnke, Kim

South Dakota                        VerHeul, John

State Capitals                       Bare, Laton

State Capitals                       Marvel, Dean

Tennessee                            Jackson, Ronnie      

Tennessee (Bristol)                Barnette, Charlie

Territories                              Trufant, Alta

Texas                                   Kasper, Jay           

Texas                                   Marbut, Jason       

Texas                                   Rawson, Michael

Texas (Eastern)                     Fults, Robert Wayne

Texas (Eastern)                     Loschen, Wayne

Texas (Eastern)                     Roby, Casey          

Texas (El Paso)                     Lockhart, Bill

Texas (Galveston)                  DeWolfe, Brandon

Transitional                           Wilson, Gregg        

Utah                                     Holt, Rick

Utah                                     Kyte, Dave

Utah Territory                        Holt, Rick

Utah Territory                        Kyte, Dave

Vermont                               Noordsy, Jeff

Virginia                                 Bishop, Frank       

Virginia                                 Jessee, Josh

Virginia                                 Townsend, Anthony

Virginia                                 Townsend, Phil

Virginia (Alexandria)               Lilienthal, Richard

Virginia (Bristol)                     Barnette, Charlie

Washington                           Ferguson, Keith

Washington                           Fowler, Ron          

Washington Territory            Fowler, Ron           

West Virginia                        Douglas, David

West Virginia                        Jessee, Josh

West Virginia                        Lehman, Doug

West Virginia                        Lim, Antonio         

West Virginia                        Townsend, Anthony

West Virginia (Parkersburg)    Walker, Mike

Western                                Ferguson, Keith

Wisconsin                             Christel, Allen F.

Wisconsin                             Grosse, Nathan  

Wisconsin                             Libbey, Bob

Wisconsin                             Libbey, Steven

Wisconsin                             Pallagi, Gabe

Wisconsin                             Peters, Roger

Wisconsin (small towns)        Nelson, Mark A.

Wisconsin (Western quarts)   Youngblood, Mark

Wyoming                              Borton, Warren

Wyoming Territory                 Borton, Warren

Yukon Territory                      Bourdon, Eric