The Original Coca-Cola Woman

The Original Coca-Cola Woman: Diva Brown and The Cola Wars by Dennis Smith

Front Cover

"In a two-story red brick building on Marietta Street, Atlanta, home of Pemberton Chemical Company - Dr. J. S. Pemberton, President - bottles were being filled with Pemberton's Stylingia, Globe Flower Cough Syrup, Indian Queen Hair Dye, Wine of Coca, and Coca-Cola.  That was way back in '88, and little did this old chemist know that he had formulated a drink that was to quency the parched throats of a thirsty world."

"Better versed in the laws of the laboratory than the laws of business, he sold out - lock, stock, barrel, and formulas - to people who had read his advertisement for a partner in the Atlanta Constitution, to Mr. O. A. Murphy, Mr. E. H. Bloodworth, and a woman who had paid for her share with her father's life insurance money."

Mrs. Diva Brown (excerpt from the book)

This 120-page softbound book provides a complete account of Diva Brown and her life as the self-proclaimed "Original Coca-Cola Woman."  This book offers new insight and information on the origin of Coca-Cola and its many competitors.  Where possible, the words are those of Diva Brown and those who knew her: John Pemberton, Asa Candler, James Mayfield, Frank Robinson, and many others, taken from diverse primary sources: court transcripts, corporation records, letters, and original advertisements.

The book touches on the history of numerous soft drink brands associated with Diva Brown and Coca-Cola: My-Coca, Sherro, Celery Coca, Murphy's Coca-Cola, Fletcher's Ccoa-Cola, Mo-Cola, Orange Cola, Orange Smash, Deacon Brown, Gleeola, Gay-Ola, Brainol, Glee-Nol, Vera-Coca, Celery=Cola, KOKE, Wine Coca, and Lima Cola.