Minnesota (Austin Fjerestad)


Minn. Soda Water Works: The Blob Top, Gravitators, Hutchinson and Hand Finished Crowns of Minnesota, Including Stoneware Spring Jugs, and Advertising, 1850-1920 by Austin Fjerestad

Cover of Special First Edition currently available at additional cost

Sample page showing bottle illustrations

Sample page showing town information, bottler history, and bottle illustrations

Sample page showing colored soda bottles

Pricing and ordering options for the third edition (published 2014):

  1. STANDARD: Five color pages with front cover, card stock front and back.  $48.00 plus $4.00 for shipping. (Note: only a limited number remain; EMail for details.)

  2. BLACK-AND-WHITE: All pages black-and-white with card stock front and back.  $38.00 plus $4.00 for shipping.

  3. FULL COLOR AND CUSTOM BOOKS: Available upon request at extra cost.  EMail or call for costs or details.

  4. 2014 UPDATE: A 25 page 2014 update is available for those who have already purchased a copy of the 2012 or 2013 edition.  The 2014 update includes about 55 new bottles and 60 towns updated with new information or bottle listings!  $12.00 plus $2.00 for shipping.

  5. 2016 UPDATE: $8.00 plus $2.00 for shipping.

  6. SHIPPING: rates are for the continental United States via USPS Media Mail.  International inquiries are welcomed, however not all countries are shippable due to customs rules and regulations.

Please EMail for additional details or to order.  Thank you for your interest!

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