The Antique Bottles of Iowa, 1846-1915 by Mike Burggraaf and Tom Southard

The end result of 13 years of extensive research by the authors, this 676 page volume is the only book available listing all known embossed Iowa bottles and a fine contribution to the hobby's literature.  Included are nearly 1,800 original drawings representing 1,300 companies from 236 Iowa towns, 36 full-color plates featuring some of Iowa's more colorful bottles, and historical information about most entries, including many advertisements.  

Anyone interested in antique bottles and/or Iowa history will find this book of interest.  The bottle categories covered include cures, drug stores, bitters, blob top and Hutchinson sodas, beers, inks, whiskies, liniments, and remedies.

The soft bound version is a two volume set and sells for $58.  The hard bound version is one volume and sells for $88.  Postage and handling is $5.00 per set for Media Mail, or $12.00 for USPS Priority Mail.  Only available directly from the authors:

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2010 Update to The Antique Bottles of Iowa

If you love Iowa history, enjoy collecting antique bottles, or more specifically, collecting antique bottles with an Iowa connection, then this recently published book is a must-have reference book for your library.

What's inside?  Over 600 pages filled with 600+ original and detailed line drawings of Iowa bottles that were not featured in the first edition of The Antique Bottles of Iowa 1846-1915 (originally published in 1998).  Included with the drawings is a huge amount of related Iowa history which features ads, photos, newspaper articles, and time lines of when the business was in operation.  There is also a section on bottle identification and dating, along with a maverick listing identifying Iowa bottles that do not have an Iowa town embossed on the bottle.  Also featured in the book are a few color photos of some of Iowa's rarest bottles.  Similar to the first book, the update is available in soft cover, which is spiral bound, and a very limited number in hard cover.

Bottles that are featured include blob top sodas and beers, Hutchinson sodas, bitters, medicines, cures, whiskey bottles and flasks, and drug store bottles.  Among the numerous bottles featured are a surprising number of examples dating to the Civil War era and before.  While most of the larger Iowa towns are well represented, there are many examples from small towns across the state with populations of less than 1,000.  The cut-off date is approximately 1915, so milk bottles and the newer style crown top soda bottles were not included.  This book does not contain a price guide, as the focus is primarily on Iowa history and on dating and identifying antique bottles.

Author Mike Burggraaf has been a bottle collector and Iowa historian since the 1970s.  Always having a keen interest in Iowa history, his first major research project was co-authoring The Antique Bottles of Iowa in 1998 with fellow bottle collector, Tom Southard.  Mike has also written several articles for the Bottles and Extras and Antique Bottle & Glass Collector magazines.  He has also contributed several stained glass restoration articles for the Collectors Journal.  For nearly fifteen years, he was editor of the Iowa Antique Bottleers club newsletter before retiring from that position.

Price for the two volume soft bound set is $58.  The hard bound version contains the exact same information as the soft bound set and is bound as one book, selling for $88.  United States shipping for either set, which weighs about 4 pounds, is $5 for media mail or $12 for priority mail.

These specialized books are available exclusively from the author.  Feel free to contact him with any questions about the books or Iowa bottles in general.  Thanks!

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