Wisconsin Soda Water 1845-1910 by Roger M. Peters

This book lists a majority of the pre-crown top bottles used by Wisconsin soda water bottling companies from the 1850s through 1915.  Included are blob sodas, Hutchinson sodas, pottery bottles, weiss beers, spring water bottles and several other types of soda water bottles having specialized closures.  Features include:

  • Bottle listings in order by municipality, bottler, bottle type, and date of manufacture;

  • An index of company names and proprietors;

  • Catalog numbering including minor variants;

  • Bottle height, color, capacity, and manufacturers;

  • Bottle rarity and values; and

  • Bottle illustrations were posterized from black-and-white photographs and are shown at 40% of actual size.

Published 1996 (third edition), soft cover, 8.5" x 11" and 209 pages with index and bibliography.  $33.00 each, postpaid.  Send money order or check to:

Roger Peters
4333 DeVolis Pkwy
Madison WI 53711