Protecting the Hutchinson Patents

In order to aggressively protect their income flow, W. H. Hutchinson & Son incorporated detailed patent information and terminology directly into their advertising materials.  The following examples (reproduced because the originals are deteriorating) are from the 1889 W. H. Hutchinson & Son Manufacturers and Dealers in Bottlers Supplies catalog:


Is now entering upon the tenth year of its existence as the ONLY PERFECT Soda Water Stopper ever adopted by the bottling industry of the United States and Canada.  Our Patent Spring Stopper is now in successful use by over twenty-five hundred (2,500) Bottlers, with the number constantly on the increase.  This fact is a higher testimonial to its great superiority in every way over the “so called” Patent Stopper…and should have the effect of insuring its early adoption by those of the craft who are still using corks and other stoppers…The validity of our various patents has stood the test of all the Courts, HAVING WON EVERY SUIT EVER BROUGHT AGAINST THEM.

Hutchinson’s Patent Spring Stopper.

ALL OTHER SPRING STOPPERS ARE MERELY IMITATIONS OF THIS, and as the mechanism cannot be used without rendering the manufacturer liable for damages for infringement of our patent, these Stoppers cannot have the fit, nor strength, nor spring that the Hutchinson Stopper has, and we wish to warn our customers against these imitations.

Whoever buys, uses, or sells any Stopper, other than the Hutchinson Patent, held in both its Open and Closed positions by means of a Lateral Spring, is infringing the Hutchinson Patent Spring Stopper, and will be held liable for such infringements.

Hutchinson’s . Patent . Spring . Stopper

Is the only Stopper legally having those claims; others are intended to deceive.

WARNING – Take Notice.

All Stoppers manufactured by W. H. HUTCHINSON & SON have their Patent Mark stamped on the bottom of the Button.

If you purchase any Stoppers of the same construction as the Hutchinson, which have not their Patent Mark on them, you are buying an infringing Stopper, and are liable to us for the use of the same, besides aiding rascality and dishonesty.

We put our Stoppers at a fair price, and as the Patent is ours we expect to furnish all such Stoppers used, and to prosecute all parties using or making infringing Stoppers.