Upright Hutchinson Bottling Machines

Just as they had done while cork bottling, some of the smaller-sized bottlers utilizing Hutchinson’s Patent Spring Stoppers opted for less expensive, upright bottling machines because they required less space than conventional bottling tables.  Examples of two such machines follow (see the Pre-Hutchinson Era Soft Drink Bottling material for additional information about upright bottling machines): 

James W. Tufts’ 1888 The Manufacture & Bottling of Carbonated Beverages advertised:

Improved Bottling Machine No. 2.


This machine is especially designed for bottlers who use the Miller, Klee, or Hutchinson stoppers.  It is made especially strong so that it cannot get out of order through proper usage, and is arranged for the most rapid working.  It is furnished with a block which placed on platform or bottle rest adapts it to different size bottles.  It has every appliance for safety and convenience.

The front of the safety shield surrounding the bottle being filled in this illustration reads “J. W. TUFTS / MAKER / BOSTON / MASS.”  Note the Hutchinson bottle peeking out the top of the shield and a Hutchinson Patent Spring Stopper attached to the hook in the Hutchinson’s Bottling Attachment. 

Another very similar upright bottling machine was advertised in W. H. Hutchinson and Son’s 1908 Bottler’s Book as “Hutchinson’s New Style Bottling Stand, Price complete $20.00 Including attachment.”  That seems like quite a bargain, consider they were selling Hutchinson’s Bottling Attachments for $10.00 each.