Hutchinson Bottling Tables

The introduction of Hutchinson’s Patent Spring Stopper necessitated the use of a new type of bottling table.  Cork plungers were replaced with stopper hooks, and older tables were retrofitted with Hutchinson filling head attachments.  Hutchinson bottling tables were produced by many firms and although they varied in size and complexity, the same basic principles were common to all of them.  The following Hutchinson bottling table illustration is from the 1889 W. H. Hutchinson & Son Manufacturers and Dealers in Bottlers Supplies catalog:

The 1908 and 1910 W. H. Hutchinson and Son Bottlers’ Supplies catalogs both contained the identical Hutchinson bottling table illustration, although the price had dropped to $25.  The accompanying description stated:

The Table top is 2-inch oak, well seasoned and closely joined, polished and oiled.  The uprights are steel, sliding in 6-inch guides, which are cast in one piece with the bed plate.  In the center of the bed plate is a cup projecting down through the table.  In filling a half-pint bottle it rests on the cover of this cup.  By removing the cover, a pint or quart bottle may be filled without further changes.

By 1908, the W. H. Hutchinson and Son Bottler’s Supplies catalog also offered these two foot-powered and belt-powered bottling tables:

The New Star Automatic Hutchinson

Bottling Table


It Works Satisfactorily.

Price complete, f.o.b. Pittsburg…………………………$85.00

Any of the machines can be operated by a boy.  Puts in syrup and water and pulls the stopper automatically with one motion of the foot.

On the power automatic machine the operator has nothing to do except to place the bottles in position and take them off when filled.

Special information will be furnished on application regarding any of the different styles of the above named Star Automatic Hutchinson Bottle Filler.




No. 3 Star Automatic Bottling Table



The above cut represents our Single Head Star Automatic Bottling Table arranged for power.

This machine does all the work automatically; puts in the syrup and water and pulls the stopper without using the hands or feet.

The snifting is done by hand because of the gain in speed.

The machine fills 15 bottles per minute of all kinds of goods.  It will keep this up all day long if the syrup and water supply are kept up.

The hands are free to handle the bottles.

No more back breaking labor pushing a treadle.

Only one man required to operate this machine to its full capacity.

A boy can run it as well as a man.

No syrup or water is used unless a bottle is under the filler head.

Price f.o.b. Pittsburg.............................................................$125.00