Syrup Spies

Close examination of the “Hutchinson’s Patent Syrup Connections” in the aforementioned advertisement (see Syrup Jars and Hoses) reveals four lengths of block tin pipe connecting syrup jar cocks at the center bottom of each Special Glazed Syrup Jar to a 4-way connection.  A rubber syrup hose then linked the 4-way connection to the syrup gauge.  When a particular syrup flavor was needed, the desired faucet was opened and gravity caused the syrup to flow thru the syrup hose.  Unfortunately, the syrup in the jars, pipes, and hose was completely hidden from view.  Although the syrup jars had lids, dirt, bugs, and other foreign matter found its way into the syrup, gumming up the syrup valves, contaminating the syrup, and ruining entire bottling runs.  The Hutchinson’s Patent Syrup Connections” illustration also shows the insertion of a "Syrup Spy Filter" into the rubber syrup hose line (directly above “8-way Connection”) to help prevent such problems.  W. H. Hutchinson and Son’s 1908 Bottler’s Book included this close-up view of the syrup spy: