These Hutchinson advertising helpful hints are from The Bottler’s Helper, a 1907 publication by the Blumenthal Brothers:


By Colorado Bottling & Mfg. Co., Colorado, Texas.

Bottlers should keep their plant running all Fall and Winter, even if at a loss, so as to keep their plant before the public.



By Chris Anderson, Prop., Minneapolis Bottling Co.,

Minneapolis, Minn.

I have learned during my 12 years’ experience in the bottling business that it pays to keep the price high enough that you make a fair profit on your goods, regardless of what your competitors may do.  Every one who has started in the bottling business in this city within the last ten years has fallen by the wayside and why?  Because they sold their goods too cheap.

If you want to succeed in the bottling business, make the best goods that it is possible to make, and insist on getting a price that carries with it a fair profit, convince your customers that your goods are worth the price you ask for them, and pay no attention to your competitors.



By Berlin Bottling Works, Berlin, Pa.

Do not use cheap goods, or your goods will be cheap.  Make your Pop excellent in quality, and you can pass a sample among the crowd of loafers, and the remarks will be ‘Boss, you had better buy some, or we will have to move our loafing place, as the restaurant up-town sells that.’  You generally get orders.  And then make the goods so that the order will be duplicated and success will be yours.



By G. A. Ketcham, Northport, L. I., N.Y.

Avoid partnership.  Employ as few boys as possible.



By Mason City Bottling Co., H. H. Perkins, Mgr.,

Mason City, Iowa.

This advertising sticker has been very effective with us.  We enclose about a dozen in each bill and the boys stick them around on windows, and thus we get a lot of free advertising.  The wording is such that every one will read it clear through before they see the point, and thus it has the desired effect.