Hutchinson Stopper Injectors

Gustave A. Bode successfully marketed the wooden “M. & M. Patent Stopper Injector.”  Although it was faster to insert stoppers into Hutchinson bottles with this device, the stoppers had a tendency to jam within the injector.  Bottler acceptance of Bode’s injector was more likely related to the elimination of blistered hands, rather than its ease of operation.  Bode’s firm was a nationally known bottler’s supply house, particularly for their high quality extracts.  Note the Hutchinson bottle illustrated in the accompanying National Bottlers’ Gazette advertisement is a G. A. BODE / BOTTLERS / EXTRACTS / CHICAGO: 

The W. H. Hutchinson and Son 1908 Bottler’s Book advertised a very similar “Hutchinson’s Stopper Injector, Maple, open on one side, tin lined” for 75¢ each.