Hutchinson Stopper Functionality and Bottle Gauges

For the benefit of potential bottler customers who weren’t familiar with Hutchinson’s Patent Spring Stopper functionality, the 1889 catalog provided the following basic information:



1. The Stoppers are numbered, according to size of button, from number one (smallest) up to five.

2. There are three lengths of wire springs: short, medium and long, used for different lengths of bottle-necks.

3. Separate your bottles with bottle gauge and fit as closely as possible.  When number one enters the throat and the shoulder of number two rests in the neck, the bottle takes number one stopper.  When number two enters the throat and the shoulder of number three rests in the neck, the bottles take number two stopper and so on.

The Bottle Gauge illustration to the right is a slightly different design and appeared in the the W. H. Hutchinson and Son 1908 Bottler’s Book.  The gauges still sold for 50¢ and the accompanying caption read “Bottles sometimes vary in size.  Before inserting the stoppers use this gauge to sort your bottles.  The size of the bottle is indicated by the number on the rim of gauge that barely passed through the mouth of the bottle.”

4. Remove all particles of glass from the throat of the bottle with the scraper, so that the stopper has a good seat to pack on.

5. Keep the stoppers wet while putting into the bottles, so that they will enter the throat easily.


Best, Cheapest and Only Reliable


You have only to see it work to be convinced that for simplicity of construction, durability, cheapness and perfection as a Stopper, it has no equal.

It adjusts itself to all Soda and Mineral Water Bottles which have short necks.

If you have not seen our Stoppers, send for sample.

If you wish to know if they will fit your bottles, send us a sample of your bottles, and we will let you know by return mail.

This is no humbug and you are losing time and money by continuing the use of corks or other stoppers.

It does not cost much to try our Stopper, and if your bottles are not suited to the Stopper, try it this season, and next year you will order bottles that the Stopper will fit.

These Stoppers can be used in any bottle excepting those with very long, narrow necks, but they fit best those bottles that have short necks.

We have five sizes of button or valve (C, D and E), for different width of throat, and three lengths of wire spring (B, A, B), for different lengths of necks of bottles.

Anyone desiring to order Stoppers should send two or three bottles to be fitted, as it is necessary that the button (E) of Stoppers should fit closely, to prevent the Stopper from being blown out after the bottle is filled.

The Stopper should be wet when put into the bottle, so as to enter the throat easily.