The 1910 W. H. Hutchinson and Son Bottlers’ Supplies catalog offered the following sage advice concerning flavors:

During an experience of fifty-eight years in the bottling and supplying of Flavors, manufactured by ourselves, we have accumulated many valuable formulas.  Much attention has been devoted to this branch of the business and no expense spared; the result is one of the finest equipped laboratories in the world devoted to the manufacture of Soluble Flavors for the exclusive use of the bottler, and the popularity of our goods is well known in all localities.  Our aim has always been quality rather than price – to make the best goods, to get the right flavor, and then to make our Flavors as strong as possible, retaining the aroma and solubility so necessary to production of beverages of the highest class.  Recognizing that the reputation of the bottler’s goods is largely dependent upon the quality of the Flavors used, we have never sacrificed quality for strength, believing that a few cents saved by the bottler on his Flavors will not compensate him for the loss of many dollars worth of trade that will inevitably result from the manufacture of any but the best, clearest and most sparkling beverages…

Taking into consideration that one gallon of one-ounce Flavor will flavor syrup for 16,384 bottles of soda water, and one gallon of two ounce Flavor will flavor syrup for 8,184 bottles, and that the Flavor is the vital component upon which the taste and aroma of the soda depends, it is evident that the question of cost should be subservient to that of quality.  Take our advice: Buy only the best.