Hutchinson Variants

Most collectors understand and agree on obvious bottle variations such as round versus horseshoe-shaped plate moulds, and round versus ten panel bases.  Beyond these basic differences, however, the definition of “variant” quickly becomes fuzzy.  Some collectors differentiate between base, shoulder, and top shapes, shades of aqua, and bottle sizes, and defining variants is a point upon which not all collectors agree.  The definitions utilized for the Hutchinson Bottle Directory reflect the guidelines used for my personal collection, the bottle books I have authored, and input from Hutchinson collector specialists.  Here is the definition of "variant" we are utilizing for the Hutchinson Bottle Directory:

  • Bottles with different plate mould shapes, e.g. round versus horseshoe-shaped versus private moulds, are variants;

  • Bottles with different base shapes, e.g. Round versus 10 Panel Base, are variants;

  • Bottles with totally different glass colors, e.g. aqua versus flint (clear) versus cobalt blue, are variants;

  • Specific shades of aqua are sometimes noted, e.g. “light aqua” versus “blue aqua,” but no matter the shade of aqua, these bottles have only one catalog listing;

  • Flint (clear) and sun-colored-amethyst bottles that are otherwise identical have only one catalog listing;

  • Bottles blown by different glass manufacturers are variants.  Although the embossing may appear to be identical, close examination usually reveals the punctuation varies, lettering and plate moulds are different sizes, etc.; and

  • Size differences between bottles will not be noted if the embossing is identical, with the exception of the larger, approximately 28 ounce bottles often incorrectly referred to as “quarts;” they have their own listings.