Hutchinson Bottle Directory

NOTICE: The Hutchinson Search engine is temporarily down for maintenance and will be back on-line ASAP.  The rest of the site is working properly.  Ron F. 12-03-12 p.m.   

Updated: September 6, 2012

Welcome to the Hutchinson Bottle Directory portal to the Hutchinson bottle database, the heart of!  Gathering data to build and now open the entire database to the public has been 36 years in the making.  In addition to acknowledging those of us who have worked on this initiative since its founding by Joe Nagy in 1976, we extend a major THANK YOU to the Hutchinson Specialists, HBCA members, and all others who have contributed their time, energy, and bottle data to make this dream come true.  I particularly appreciate the significant contributions of Tod von Mechow, founder of  Besides providing a ton of bottle data, Tod designed and built the Hutchinson Search engine, and is our go-to guy for all computer-related issues.  Thank you, Tod!  Ron F. 

Hutchinson Search

If you are seeking detailed information about one or more of the over 17,000 Hutchinson bottles catalogued thus far, this page is the key to accessing that data.  Here is a brief description and link to each of the four user search options:

1. Hutchinson Search

Considerable time and energy has been devoted to designing and building a "Hutchinson Search" page, the front-end to a very powerful search engine.  When you click the link posted directly below this paragraph, you will navigate directly to the Hutchinson Search page.  Simply key data into one or more of the search fields and/or select from the numerous dialog boxes, press the "Find Hutchinsons" button, and the information you requested will be returned:

Hutchinson Search

As the Hutchinson Bottle Directory initiative has matured, we have continually refined the data guidelines, striving to constantly improve both the quantity and quality of information being catalogued.  Here are detailed definitions of the data we are gathering about each Hutchinson bottle:

Hutchinson Variants

Hutchinson Data Definitions

The Hutchinson Search field labels are major clues to the highly-detailed information contained in the database and are for the most part self-explanatory.  For those desiring additional details, here is a link to a page designed to help users understand how to use the "Hutchinson Search" page:

Hutchinson Search Help

2. Hutchinson Lists

This page includes access to numerous pre-defined, printable lists of Hutchinson bottles.  If you are seeking a listing of Hutchinsons from a specific country, state, territory, or province, or lists of bottles in specific categories, for example colored or picture Hutchinsons, this page is a quick route to that information. 

Hutchinson Lists

3. Mavericks

Hutchinson bottles that do not bear embossed city, state, province, or country names are referred to as "mavericks."  During the process of gathering data for the Hutchinson Bottle Directory, we have confirmed the origin of over 500 maverick bottles.  Identified maverick Hutchinsons have been assigned to their correct city/state/province/country in the master database.  Keying a maverick bottle's embossing into the "Primary Name" field or the appropriate "Embossing" field on the "Hutchinson Search" page and pressing the "Find Hutchinsons" button should return information about that bottle.  The "Mavericks" page is a link to a listing of those Hutchinson bottles whose origin we have yet to identify.  The list includes the bottles previously displayed on the "Unknown Maverick Hutchinsons" page, plus several Mexican Hutchinsons from unknown cities.  Please EMail us at if you can provide information about any of these bottles. 


4. New Listings

We are continually updating the Hutchinson Bottle Directory database, adding newly identified bottles and additional information about existing listings, making corrections, etc.  This page presents a dated list of all changes, plus a convenient way to download printable lists detailing those changes:

New Listings

HutchBook Bottle Data Submittal Form

The accompanying e-form is the initial step toward automating submission of new and/or corrected bottle data for the Hutchinson Bottle Directory.  Clicking on the page link posted below opens a HutchBook Bottle Data Submittal Form in a separate window.  While we are working on facilitating fully electronic submissions, please key data directly into the form (tab from field-to-field), print, and send the completed form to our snail mail address:

HutchBook Bottle Data Submittal Form

Hutchinson Bottle Directory Images

Our primary objective is to provide images that clearly communicate bottle details.  An extensive survey of long-time Hutchinson collectors indicates many of us prefer line drawings to photographs, because accurate drawings often show far better bottle details, e.g. punctuation, plate mould shapes, pictures, monograms, etc.  The Hutchinson Bottle Directory database accommodates photographs, scanned images, and computer-assisted drawings.  As technology improves, we envision the implementation of 3-D and/or video bottle images, and expect to convert to such methodology as deemed practical and affordable.  Initially, the Hutchinson Bottle Directory illustrations are being prepared using a combination of photographs and scanned images.