Hawaiian Bottles of Long Ago - A Little of Hawaii's Past by Rex R. Elliott and Stephen C. Gould

(Front cover)

Stephen Gould and the late Rex Elliott published their revised edition of Hawaiian Bottles of Long Ago in 1988 and this fine volume has definitely withstood the passage of time. In addition to picturing and providing full data on Hawaii's numerous Hutchinsons, the book details Hawaiian blob tops, Codds, Lightning Stoppers, BIMAL crown tops, inside threaded stoppers, and Matthews Gravitating Stopper sodas, plus siphons, whiskies, gins, wines, beers, medicines, milks, and extracts.  Anyone with even a passing interest in early Hawaiian bottles needs a copy of this book in their library.

Here are examples of typical bottle illustrations and data:

(Page 49)

(Page 99)

(Page 100)

(Page 65 - 1 of 8 full color pages)

Although Hawaiian Bottles of Long Ago has long been out of print, co-author Stephen Gould has a small supply of mint copies that he is making available directly from him via USPS mail.  Published in 1988, the books are soft cover, perfect bound, 8.5" x 11.0" and 230 pages.  They are $100.00 each (U.S. postal money order) plus postage and handling from Hawaii.  To order your copy and/or for additional information, contact Stephen at:

Stephen C. Gould
PO Box 198900, PMB 202
Hawi, Hawaii 96719

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Telephone inquiries: 808-889-0761